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  1. jesus says:

    I just write to say that Carmella is one of the most amazing girls

  2. Radu says:

    Dear Carmella. I’m a big fan of yours, you watch all the videos. do not compare with any other porn actress in this world, believe me you are unique. Movie Carmella Bing – Fun times in California was for me your most successful film, not the other would be. I want to tell you some tits and some great legs, and deserves to continue this work. Suits you very well. Honestly I want to become friends, so I’ll leave my email: gava.radu @ yahoo.com.

    With great love Radu

  3. JITP says:

    La Mejor…!!!!

  4. RAKESH says:

    i love carmella.

  5. raju says:

    love u gorgeous take my proposal serious i wanna marry u and plz b mother 2 my child

  6. Fernanda Serice says:

    we want sub, we end up needing submission

  7. Ethan says:

    Dear Carmella,
    I am a rising senior who lives in a suburb outside of new york city. I think you are a competent and extremely attractive actress. Among my friends I am the only one who is still a virgin and I was wondering if the next time you were in new york you could help me with this problem. I am made fun of constantly and could truly use your help!
    Sincerely Ethan

  8. paula says:

    love as breast feed your big tits

  9. Jason Damage says:


    You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. If I could only find a woman who had your physical qualities and sparkle in the eye you have I would have finally found heaven. I would give most anything up for just 1 single date with you. MERRY CHRISTMAS. – Jason Damage (Grants Pass, Or / Santa Cruz, Ca)

  10. wilson says:

    u r best pornstar ever

  11. JOSH says:

    We need you. Come back, Carmella!!! Months without news about your career!!!
    Love you


  12. sexy guy says:

    ur soo fucking hot

  13. sania sen says:

    ok girl

  14. shamrock says:

    Hey carmella i love you alot i can do anything for you will you please marry me ? if you marry me i’ll take care of yur self till my death

  15. jak says:

    your voice when u get fucked so sexy 🙂

  16. romens says:

    tenho muita tesao em vc

  17. sunny says:

    Carmella u r simply a goddess, i love your anal action the most, every time i remember u i get a hard time tryin to keep off my toy from going up….keep rocking and doing more anal movies.

    Love you lots 🙂

  18. Joseph says:

    hi carmella, please come to sweden some time i will show u how to have a good time, your my favorite pornstar! just love when your body is all oiled up!

  19. orion says:

    ..you guys are friggen crazy.. prob freakin her out lmao

  20. Irfan says:

    hi carmella

    i am your big fan i watch your our porn movies i like and u very sexy & hot your our steps like u looking so hot for bbw i like u bbw i am your big fan u meet me one time plz i request u plz bye take care & love u…..

  21. lance graham says:

    hi Carmella bing my nae is lance I am a huge fan of your work I really like you breasts and curves.

    please email me sometime.


  22. bilas says:

    armella please do a porn movie again to brazzers….waiting for your movies….pls carmella pls [pls
    beg you other than anyone

  23. rock says:

    u are genius but i dont know why u dont do creampie scenes

  24. Tariq says:

    I want to be you friend.
    add me please: awq87@hotmail.com

  25. malik says:

    sexy carmella ilove you bb

  26. William Armstrong says:

    You are my absolute favorite actress. I want to see you live one day if it’s possible. If you’re in the Atlanta area doing a show or something please email me

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